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Where to Shop in San Francisco.

San Francisco is a city that can be instantly recognized by any number of factors, its steep streets, colorful architecture, characterful cable cars, and of course the Golden Gate Bridge. This city in Northern California attracts visitors from all over the world drawn by its quirky originality, its culture, style, and culinary scene. But there’s one more reason why the masses flock to San Francisco and that is the shopping.

Retail therapy, that All-American pastime is as popular as ever in San Francisco. With many shopping districts to choose from and stores ranging from high street to high end to hipster, you won’t struggle to find somewhere to suit your style.

So where should you go?

Start with union square, the heart of San Francisco’s shopping scene. Here you’ll find luxury brands, flagship stores, and any fashion label you can care to think of. Check out Maiden Lane within the square for the height of grandeur and if you want to max out on mall favorites, try Westfield San Francisco Centre.

For unique boutiques, book shops, and galleries it has to be Hayes Valley but if you’re feeling a bit more thrifty try hitting up the Mission District. For vintage finds and high-end hippy vibes, head to historic Haight Street.

Looking for something a bit different?

For a truly unique San Francisco experience stroll along the waterfront boulevard of The Embarcerdero district. You’ll find plenty of shops scattered along but head to Ghirardelli Square to shop inside the historic arcade. Hit up the famous weekly farmers market inside the Ferry Plaza if food shoppings more your style.